Friday, January 8, 2010


This is Magdelina, and she is determined to be loved "as is". Her New Year's Resolution is to accept herself. She's made up her mind to live out loud.To stop straightening her curls and to wear her brightly colored clothes. So what if people look. Maybe someone will love her "as is".

Magdelina is a one of a kind clay art doll, handmade by me, without the use of any molds. She measures approx: 8 1/2 inches (including her base). She was painted with acrylics, oils, and pencils. Her top has been distressed for a vintage feel, and her beautiful skirt features a bright pink bird with a flower in its mouth.


  1. I think I am like her, I've given up straightening my hair.
    She is lovely.
    Happy New year to you by the way!

  2. Thanks. 2010 is all about "as is" . Happy New Year!

  3. I started a blog today, too.
    I love the design of your blog page. How'd you come up with your header? I'll have to work on that.