Thursday, May 21, 2009

tomorrow i'll conquer the world

my latest creation came about because at times i put off anything i can until tomorrow. a diet. my errands. my life. i debated on whether or not i should title the painting "Today I Will Start Flying", but in the end i felt like she wasn't sure about that.

i do know that tomorrow i won't start flying because i will be in the process of moving. yeah!!!!. my family and i are going to move to a little town like mayberry. the streets look like a movie set, and everybody really does know your name. all the schools (elementary, middle, and high school) are within a four block radius of each other,...and with four boys ages 4-14 you know that's a dream come true for me. now maybe I can hang my keys up and pick up a paint brush more often.

once i'm unpacked and settled in, ... i will start flying.

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