Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Marli

This is Marli, the newest angel in the team. She dreams of the day when she's earned enough stripes to get the good routes and the easy rescues. But for now, she's just happy to have her wings.

Marli is completely handmade, without the use of any molds. Her dress is made from a map that shows her crazy route. Her little skirt is made from clay with added tinsel for a little sparkle. She has been topped with a crackle glaze for an antique finish.

Sweet Marli is a one of a kind art doll. She is meant to be admired, but not played with like a toy. She is not intended for small children.

Marli measures approx: 6 inches long, and has a small ring attached to the back for hanging.

Marli- The Rookie Angel

A Wee Dish